Want to Increase Your Business? With AEC’s Help You Can!

Aviation Engineering Consultants of USA, Inc. (AEC) has special FAA authority to approve Major Repair and Major Alteration Data.

charcoal bags

We can provide FAA/DER approved data to repair this.


Need Interior Upgrades? Galley? Water purification? Lighting? Cabin Entertainment Systems? Business Office – PC, Fax, Cellular?

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If you need FAA / DER or engineering services, we have FAA / DER’s and engineers on staff or on call for:

Static Stress
Damage Tolerance
Design & Construction

Call Jim Brown at 800-977-1992 or 540-220-5729 for more information on how AEC can help you with your modifications or structural repairs.

Contact Information

Telephone800-977-1992 / 540-220-5729


Postal address1717 So. US 1 #8-737, Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 USA

Electronic mailGeneral Information: [email protected]
Technical Questions: [email protected]

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