A/C TYPEModelDescription
AirbusA310Wingtip Lens
AVRO146-RJ85AFlight Control Input Sensors in an AVRO 146 Series RJ-85 Aircraft
Beech76Repair of Elevator Trim Tab
Beech1900Repair of Inlet Cowling, Beech 1900
Beech1900Repair, R/H Wing Leading Edge, B1900
Beech1900Repair, R/H Wing Leading Edge, B1900
Beech1900CRepair of Dorsal Fin Fairing Cracks, 1900C
Beech1900CRepair of Fin Fairing Cracks, 1900
Beech1900CRepair of R/H Strake Fin Fairing Cracks, 1900C
Beech1900DRepair of R/H Strake Fin Fairing Delamination, 1900C
BeechA36Battery Fixture Assembly
BeechB100avionics rack & equipment install
BeechB200Bird strike breaker around windshield
BeechB200Structural Substantiation of MSA-106-KA1 Window Shade Installation
BeechC90ARadar RDR 2000 Install / Mech
BeechF90MSA Accordia Window Installation
BeechHawker 700Assy., Window Accordia Hawker
BeechHawker 700Seat Installation
Boeing707Interior & cargo comp. Mod
Boeing727Repair, MLG Support Beam, B727
Boeing737Assembly of Accordia Windows for Boeing Series Aircraft
Boeing737Weld Repair – Housing Act
Boeing747MK VII EGPWS Upgrade Boeing 747 Series
Boeing757DFDR Expanded Parameter Upgrade Using a Teledyne P/N 2227000-85A ARINC 717 DFDAU Boeing 757 Series Aircraft
Boeing727-100Antenna Instl – LTN 2001 GPS
Boeing727-100First Class Seating Instl
Boeing727-200ARINC 542A DFDR 18 Sensor Upgrade Boeing 727 Series
Boeing727-200Damage Tolerance Analysis of a Life Raft Installation on Bowing 727 Aircraft
Boeing727-200Damage Tolerance Analysis of Honeywell / Trimble GPS Antenna Installation
Boeing727-200EGPWS Annunciator Instl MK VII EGPWS Upgrade
Boeing727-200GPS install – Airplane Maintenance Manual Supplement
Boeing727-200Interim Inspection Plan for PEMCO T.O. B1568
Boeing727-200Lower Skin Center Wing Repair
Boeing727-200N211DB – Omega antenna removal
Boeing727-200N296SC dropped from jacks
Boeing727-200PTC Aerospace L/H & R/H Triple w/in-Arm Tables Main Assembly – Modification
Boeing727-700Sidewall Install Main Lounge OAKIII
Boeing737-200repairs to pylon fairing & baggage compartment bulkhead
Boeing737-300, -400Allied Signal MK V EGPWS Upgrade Boeing 737 Series
Boeing767-200, -300Allied Signal MK V EGPWS Upgrade, Boeing 767 Series
Boeing767-200/300Control Input Position Sensors for DFDR Expanded Parameter Upgrade Boeing 767/200-300 Series Aircraft
Boeing767-200/300DFDR Expanded Parameter Upgrade Using a Teledyne P/N 2227000-85A Arinc 717 DFDAU Boeing 767/200-300 Series Aircraft
CanadairCL-600-2B19Teledyne Telelink System Canadair Regional Jet – Series 100
Cessna182Camera Hole in fuselage
Cessna182Chamfer of Flight Control Surfaces, Cessna 182
Cessna182Floor Beam Repair, Cessna 182
Cessna404Center Instr Panel
Cessna404outer wing joint problems
Cessna550Lumbar Modification
Cessna402bRepair of Wing Skin Cracks, Cessna 402B
Dassault-Breguetfalcon 10Window shade installation
Dassault-BreguetFalcon 20Oxygen system installation
Dassault-BreguetFalcon 50Window Shade Installation
DornierDo 328-300Teledyne Telelink System Dornier Do 328-300
Falcon900EGPWS Avionics installation
Falcon900TCAS installation change
FalconModel F-50Fuel Temperature Gage Installation
GulfstreamGIISatcom TT 3000 Instl
GulfstreamGIVWindow Shade installation
GulfstreamGIIEGPWS Installation
GulfstreamGIITCAS – STC Deviation
GulfstreamGIIITCAS Antenna installation
GulfstreamGIVEGPWS Gps installation
GulfstreamGIVTCAS Antenna installation
IAI1125 AstraAssembly of Accordia Windows for Westwind Aircraft
IAIAstra 1125Assembly and Installation of Accordia Windows for ASTRA Series Aircraft
McDonnell DouglasDC-10DFDR 22 Parameter Upgrade McDonnell Douglas DC-10
McDonnell DouglasDC-10-30,-40EGPWS MKVII TRAY ASSEMBLY
McDonnell DouglasDC-8Trunnion Fitting
McDonnell DouglasDC-8-54Replacement of Lower Wing Skin, DC-8
McDonnell DouglasDC-8-54Replacement of Wing Skin Doubler, DC-8
McDonnell DouglasDC-8-54FRepair, Floor Beam FS 940, DC-8
McDonnell DouglasDC-9-81, -82, -83, -87, MD-88E-E bay installation UNS-1K FMS With UniLink McDonnell Douglas MD-80
McDonnell DouglasDC-9-82/83Installation of a TNL 8100 GPS in an MD-83 Aircraft
McDonnell DouglasMD-90ARINC 717 DFDR Expanded Parameter Upgrade McDonnell Douglas MD
MitsubishiMU-2Cargo compartment liner
MitsubishiMU-2BCargo Liner and Tread Plate Flooring Installation
MitsubishiMU-2B-60GPS Antenna Install, MU-2B
MooneyM20EModification, Seat Rail
PiperPA28RT-201Repair, Brace P/N 35697-02, PA28
PiperPA-30Repair, Wing Rib, Piper
PiperPA-31Tfastener subs
PiperPA-42-1000Structural Substantiation of Battery Tray
PiperPA44-180R/H wing repair
PiperPA-46-450PGPS Antenna Installation, Piper Malibu

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